Spring 2011 Fellows

See what some of the Spring 2011 Colloquium Fellows have to say about their experiences.


Brian Adams

His Views:

I highly recommend the IP Colloquium to any students in the IP Certificate Program. It covered all areas of IP and was a great capstone to the general IP survey of the certificate program. The topics are usually very specific and deal with the difficult fringes of the law where there really are no perfect solutions. All of the students, faculty, and speakers in the Colloquium clearly wanted to be there and the discussions were never dull.

Joseph Janas

His Views:

I recommend the Chicago IP Colloquium to any IP-focused law student in Chicago. There are few, if any intra-city IP organizations like the Chicago IP Colloquium in existence. It is important for law students to read academic articles, but few students have the opportunity to candidly discuss an article with its author in a small group setting. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and recommend it to any prospective candidate.

Kacy King

Her Views:

My experience participating in the IP Colloquium was extremely valuable and something I will continue to draw upon throughout my education and career. It exposed me to many areas of intellectual property law that I wasn’t familiar with and gave me a greater appreciation for academic work. The presenters, students, and professors all showed so much respect for each other that it translated to many engaging and worthwhile discussions. One thing I especially valued was the dialogue between the presenters and the participants. Instead of just a question and answer session, students were able to truly challenge ideas and theories and be challenged in response. In addition, it was a great forum to get to know fellow classmates, professors, and scholars in the area. One of the presenters called the Chicago IP Colloquium one of the best inner city programs of its kind and I truly agree.

Daniel Tai

His Views:

I thought the IPC offered a unique experience and would recommend it to any student that has taken and enjoyed a course in an IP field. Prior to the IPC the only IP class I had completed was patent law, but I had no problem reading and understanding the papers involving copyright and trademark, so students should not hesitate to take it during their 2L year.

The IPC lets students hear ideas and theories on IP law that they would not otherwise be exposed to (unless they are fanatical law review readers), as textbooks tend to focus more on “core” principles. Unlike a normal class, where you usually learn what the law is, the seminar is mostly dedicated to speakers who are either proposing a change in the law or analyzing trends in recent cases. Many times the discussions would end up as debates involving policy choices, which tend to be more engaging than “learn concept X and apply X to a hypothetical set of facts Y.”

Thanks to all the professors at both schools for putting this course together. I had a great time.

The other fellows from Chicago-Kent were:

  • James Baldwin
  • Jessica Cooper
  • Daniel Daddario
  • Robert Ennesser
  • Damon Gupta
  • Wooshik Shim


Suzanne Fitzgerald

Her Views:

The IP Colloquium is a unique opportunity to read about and discuss emerging issues in intellectual property. Students are given the rare chance to engage with scholars working on publications and offer suggestions and opinions. The Colloquium is a great forum for interacting not only with these scholars, but with other students from Chicago in an effort to gain new perspectives. I would highly recommend participating in the Colloquium to any student interested in IP.

Rickey Spiece

His Views:

The Chicago IP Colloquium provides a unique opportunity for students and faculty from various schools to gather together and discuss IP research papers from leading scholars. The group was large enough to represent a wide variety or viewpoints and small enough to provide everyone ample opportunity to be involved in the discussions. All of the presenters were well organized and provided clear explanations of their research and great background information in important areas of IP scholarship. All of the students came to class well prepared and I also learned from their unique viewpoints and insightful questions. I am glad I was able to participate in the Chicago IP Colloquium and I hope my schedule allows me to attend future paper presentations.

The other fellows from Loyola were:

  • Jacob Graham
  • Kem McNamara
  • Sridevi Ranganathan
  • Sarah Woollen