Spring 2010 Fellows

See what some of the Spring 2010 Colloquium Fellows have to say about their experiences.


The fellows from Chicago-Kent College of Law were:

Patrick Schweihs

His Views:

The Chicago IP Colloquium is a forum where new concepts and solutions are proposed by industry leaders. I enjoyed the discussion with those leaders and engaging with them on their studies. It’s a rare opportunity to sit in a room full of thinkers who are all interested in the future and development of intellectual property. The atmosphere was lively and often motivated the speaker to consider ideas not addressed in their paper. Overall, the experience was stimulating, and I recommend it to others interested in intellectual property.

Alexander Tsinman

His Views:

The Colloquium presents a unique opportunity for students to engage in a Socratic dialogue with IP Scholars from across the nation. The discussions create fertile ground to flush out the legal theories covered in class and expand them to new intellectual fields of research. By exploring current legal challenges and focusing on prospective alternative solutions, the candid interaction of students from different law school, authors, legal scholars, and professors creates a dynamic environment unlike any other law school experience.

The other fellows from Chicago-Kent were:

  • Patrick Bickley
  • Michael Brandt
  • Susan Estes
  • Margaret Frederick
  • Daniel Pierron
  • Grant Shackelford
  • Carolyn Sorock
  • Sandra Thompson


The fellows from Loyola University Chicago School of Law were:

  • Brenda Flores
  • Themistocles Frangos
  • Janna Harris
  • Sonje Hawkins
  • Samantha Herman
  • Heather Liberman
  • Jeffrey Shelley