Spring 2009 Fellows

See what some of the Spring 2009 Colloquium Fellows have to say about their experiences.


The fellows from Chicago-Kent College of Law were:

Olta Andoni

Her Views:

I really enjoyed being a part of Chicago IP Colloquium, Spring 2009. The Colloquium was a great opportunity to explore and discuss some thornier issues facing the IP era. I had the great opportunity to read and discuss great papers written by distinguished professors. The great atmosphere encouraged intellectual interaction and discussion among the students.
Being part of the colloquium was also a great opportunity to meet new people and enjoy great food:) Overall, the colloquium experience was intellectually very rewarding to me.

Adam Blanchard

His Views:

The Colloquium was a great opportunity to interact with some of the leading minds in intellectual property law. Even if I had somehow been able to hear each of the distinguished speakers in some other forum, I could not have gained as much as I did through the Colloquium. Having previously discussed each speaker’s topic with Professors Dinwoodie and Ho, as well as with fellow students, the events themselves were much more engaging than any other “talk” I’ve attended.

Melanie D’Souza

Melanie is a graduating senior, LL.M. International Intellectual Property, Class of 2009.

Her Views:

As a Colloquium Fellow, I enjoyed the interesting blend of Intellectual Property issues that were debated enthusiastically by visiting Scholars and the Fellows of the Colloquium through the Spring. The Colloquium is a great opportunity to interact outside the parameters of the classroom on controversial and ingenious subjects of the law. I especially enjoyed two papers, Professor Anupam Chander’s paper on Youthful Indiscretion in the Internet Age which made for an interesting exchange of ideas and opinions and Professor Pasquale’s paper on The Troubling Trend Toward Trade Secret Related Ranking Systems which was an insight on the issue of trade secrets going forward. I encourage students to participate in future Colloquiums hosted by Chicago Kent and Loyola, to benefit from an experience that we enjoyed in Spring 2009.

Kathleen Stutt

Her Views:

The IP Colloquium Fellowship was a constructive and rewarding experience. The opportunity to read and review papers on a variety of intellectual property topics and then converse with the legal scholar who wrote the paper was quite valuable. It was also enjoyable to meet our Loyola colleagues!

The other fellows from Chicago-Kent were:

  • Lana Carnel
  • Min Li
  • Jeff Mikrut
  • Haitao Sha
  • Katrin Troeger


The fellows from Loyola University Chicago School of Law were:

Susan Chalmers

Susan is entering her third year at Loyola. She will spend the summer as an intern at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in New York, NY.

Her Views:

The various articles I read for the colloquium introduced me to IP issues I had not learned about in my IP survey course. Each paper presented a new, narrow issue for our consideration which was then explained by its author – an expert in the field. The colloquium made me realize that IP topics are so diverse, anyone is likely to find something to pique their interest.

Amy Fuetterer

Her Views:

I loved participating in the Chicago IP colloquium because it exposed me to a wide range of current intellectual property topics from trademark protection and patent litigation models to Internet privacy and public access to others’ intellectual property. The pre-presentation discussions gave us a great opportunity to discuss the papers prior to the authors’ presentations. The ability to interact with scholars and professors was very rewarding.

Tiffany Gehrke

Her Views:

The Chicago IP Colloquium was a great experience. I learned about a wide variety of current IP topics not only through each speaker’s paper, but also through the discussions generated during each speaker’s presentation. The ability to discuss IP topics with the scholars, other students, and professors was invaluable.

The other fellows from Loyola were:

  • Christina Ditsch
  • Vaughn Ganiyu
  • Stacie Gracieowski
  • Ann Weilbaecher