Spring 2003 Fellows

See what some of the Spring 2003 Colloquium Fellows have to say about their experiences.


Benjamin Carlsen

Benjamin is a night student enrolled for the Certificate in Intellectual Property Law at Chicago-Kent and is expected to graduate in 2004. He’s an active member of the Jewish Law Students Association and teaches informal study groups that study and compare Jewish Law with US civil and common law. He is also a registered Patent Agent.

His Views:

“I especially enjoyed seeing the interaction of IP with philosophies such as law andeconomics, indigenous and human rights law, and the personhood theory of property… I also found it nice to be in a forum where nationally recognized scholars say that your questions and comments are intelligent and might even influence further research.”

Jeffrey M. Glazer

Jeffrey graduated from Chicago-Kent College of Law in May, 2004. He is currently employed with the law firm of Reno & Zahm LLP. Jeffrey focuses on general commercial litigation, and also handles trademark prosecution.

His Views:

“The colloquium was a challenging and rewarding experience for me. It was a chance to expand on and apply classroom knowledge in new ways on current topics across all aspects of intellectual property.”

Dirk Pauli

Dirk has studied law in Germany and has recently graduated with an LL.M. in International and Comparative Law at Chicago-Kent. During his tenure at Chicago-Kent, he focused on intellectual property law and received the CALI Award for Copyright Law. Currently he’s working with Linklaters in Cologne, Germany as part of his vocational training and is involved primarily in IP related issues.

His views:

“I think the Colloquium was a remarkable experience. Not only could we discuss several current issues, but it was also very interesting to see how legal scholars defend or enhance their assumptions based on comments and questions made by the Colloquium participants.”

Christel Walther

Christel is a German lawyer and has recently graduated with her LL.M. in International and Comparative Law (High Honors) from Chicago-Kent. During her vocational training in Germany, she worked as an intern at the Law Offices Gerhard E.W.Kelter, Jr. and also worked for Andersen Legal in Leipzig, Germany.

Her Views:

“I found the colloquium very helpful since it offered the opportunity to deal with a variety of current IP questions that do not come up in class and it helped me to get a deeper understanding of the topic. I can recommend it!”

The Other Fellows from Chicago-Kent were:

  • Matthew Bredesen
  • Jaime Heller
  • Tanja Proehl
  • Kara Szpondowski


Thomas McBride, Jr.

Tom is an evening student at Loyola and a member of the Law Review. He is a chemical engineer and a registered patent agent. He has worked as a Patent Associate with UOP LLC in Des Plaines, IL for the past 4 years and as an engineer for UOP the 8 years prior to that.

His Views:

“The Colloquium helps enrich Chicago’s IP community by broadly focusing on different areas of the law and allowing in-depth analysis of academic works in progress. Helpful interactions between Professors and Students allow for an open environment to nurture both simple and complicated ideas. These ideas foster innovative thinking necessary for intellectual growth… The value of this experience has been generally incalculable…”

Michelle Togut

Michelle has focused on intellectual property and constitutional law at Loyola. She has served on the law journal and tutored the IP Legal Writing Class. During Summer 2003, she worked as an associate in the Civil Rights Division of the Anti-Defamation League and worked on First Amendment issues. Prior to law school, she was a technical editor and adjunct history professor.

Her Views:

“The Colloquium was one of the most intellectually stimulating experiences I’ve had in law school. It provided an opportunity to explore in-depth some of the “hot” issues in IP scholarship and to meet some of the top scholars in the field (as well as other students interested in the field). In short, it was a lot of fun.”

The Other Fellows from Loyola were:

  • Ethan Zelizer
  • Heather Nolan
  • Julie Fitzgibbons
  • Kristen Grisius
  • Nick Peters